NSTANT BOBA SHOP is your online shop for instant, shelf-stable, tapioca products. 

We love boba, but found that going out to bubble tea shops can get really expensive, and making boba at home isn't always convenient because it makes huge batches, plus there's a lot of cleanup. 

We wanted to offer you a variety of instant boba options to choose from-- so we shopped around and have a couple of our OEM products (Boba Now) + similar products that we think are awesome products you can stock up on. Our kids love them too, and our wallets are happy. 

No need to find boba near you if you are looking for boba bubble tea. Boba Bubble tea is like milk tea just with boba: Milk Tea Boba! Our Boba is just like a boba drink you would find on a boba tea menu at a boba tea house or just a boba house. 

What is boba tea and what is boba?

Tapioca pearls (boba) are the most common ingredient, although there are other ways to make the chewy spheres found in bubble tea.The pearls vary in color according to the ingredients mixed in with the tapioca. Most pearls are black from brown sugar.

Boba tea is similar to thai boba tea or thai tea.

How to make our Boba:

1. Take a packet, make a tear, and microwave for 20 seconds (1000 wattages)

2. Pour 3-4 oz of boiling water into a cup, Add one packet of tea powder, and Stir

3. Add ice (6~8oz) to the cup and the Boba packet, a straw, and enjoy!